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Title Stepping into The Magic
Author Edwards, Gill
Subtitle A New Approach to Everyday Life
Publisher Piatkus Books
Publish Date 11/1998
ISBN 0749917776
Binding Paperback
Edition New edition edition
Synopsis A blend of metaphysics, shamanism, and psychology showing how to create success in your life, understand what your body is saying to you, and fulfil your potential.
Self-help guide to growing through joy rather than struggle.
From the Author
In 1990, I came across the Huna wisdom for the first time, and felt as if I was 'coming home'. The ideas were very similar to what I had been teaching in my Living Magically workshops, yet also had their own unique flavour. I flew to Kauai to train with a Hawaiian shaman - and later ran many workshops on Hawaiian shamanism back in England. 'Stepping Into The Magic' offers a magical blend of metaphysics, psychology and shamanism in a practical, self-help format. My primary message is that we can grow through joy rather than through struggle - and that by following our Dreams, we discover our life purpose and create our own heaven on earth. 'Stepping Into The Magic' includes ideas and tools for harmonising your three inner selves, understanding your body's language, developing psychic skills, working with guides and angels, and fulfilling your true potential. It's full of my personal experience of using these ideas and tools, so you know that they really do work!
Genre Life Style; Spirituality