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Title Amazing Psychic Stories
Author Acorah, Derek
Publisher Harper Element
Publish Date 2006
ISBN 0007220669
Binding Import
Edition (Reissue) edition
Synopsis Amazing stories of psychic encounters by TV's favourite psychic, Derek Acorah. The star of LIVINGtv's 'Ghost Towns' shares incredible real-life tales of dramatic rescues, dream visitations and near-death experiences from his own life and the lives of many of the people he has worked with. The book includes: / Why hauntings occur, and why certain locations are 'chosen' by the ghost. / Miraculous survival stories which defy explanation, including remarkable medical recoveries. / Near-death experiences, and an answer to the question 'what is it really like to die?' / Spirit visitations -- how and why spirits can visit earth, and how psychic medium communication works. / Real-life dramas and what happened when those from the afterlife intervened. / What these encounters with the spirit world mean, and how they prove the existence of life after death.
Genre Paranormal; Reference