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Title Clarrisa's Pig & Other Animal Hauntings
Author Long, Roger
Subtitle And Other Animal Hauntings
Publisher Conservatree
Publish Date 29/09/2003
ISBN 0953473589
Binding Import
Synopsis For his 12th book Roger Long has scoured the South of England, looking for special animals. His courageous odyssey covered several thousand miles and 12 counties. Roger's rummage discovered many ghostly dogs, uncanny cats and numerous headless horses. There are also mysterious giant birds, revengeful snakes and vast bears. There's a terrifying group of spectral boars that possibly fed on humans, a devoted ape that starved to death with its mistress and a putrefying animal smell that wafts across an ancient mansion, a cockatrice, a tree bound grampus, a blue donkey, a suspected Wiltshire crocodile and of course Clarissa's Faithful pig. The above are just a few of the stories in this very strange collection.
Genre Paranormal