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Title An Angel Forever
Author Glennyce Eckersley; & Gary Quinn
Subtitle How to Keep an Angelic Presence with You Throughout Your Life
Publisher Random House
Publish Date 06/10/2005
ISBN 184413579-9
Binding Hardcover
Synopsis In this gem of a book, world-renowned intuitive life coach Gary Quinn and international angel expert Glennyce Eckersley join forces to show you how to bring angels into your life. You will discover how to draw angels to you through meditations, visualisations and blessings. You will also read about those lucky people whose lives have been transformed forever by amazing angelic encounters. You will learn about angels of healing, angels of wisdom, angels of love and light, and much more. Ultimately, the inspirational guidance and wonderful stories in "An Angel Forever" will reveal how you can begin to make your own life sparkle through communicating with the angels - and keep them with you for eternity.