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Title Gestalt Therapy
Author Perls, F. Et Al
Subtitle Excitement and Growth in the Human Personality
Publisher Souvenir Press Ltd
Publish Date 10/02/1994
ISBN 0285626655
Binding Paperback
Synopsis Based on tried and tested therapeutic methods, this perennially valuable book invites the reader to embark on a course of self-therapy designed to develop an awareness of self and a growth of the personality. Employing the wide-ranging techniques of the Gestalt approach, it offers a series of experiments which will help the less severely neurotic reader to heighten awareness, sensory perception and motoric behaviour, and to deepen the capacity to enjoy interpersonal relationships. It thus provides a refreshingly practical insight into one of the most important psychotherapeutic techniques of our time. The authors explain in detail the theory behind the practical application, discussing the chief known methods of psychotherapy from Freud to the present day. They range widely over the fundamental problems of the perception of reality, the meaning of maturition and the ills of language and society, pointing out the deficiencies of our modern way of life that have imparted the vicarious and artificial character to the existence of the average person. Starting from the premise that experience begins at the contact boundary, they examine the nature of that experience before going on to investigate the various obstacles that stand in the way of maturition and growth. They stress the need for completion of unfinished situations, without which it is impossible to assimilate the new (in the same way that one can do no more than swallow a meal intil the previous one has been digested). In a key section, they discuss the creative process and its relationship to verbalisation both in poetry and prose.
Genre Complementy Therapy; Health; Life Style