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Title Aromatherapy for Common Ailments
Author Price, Shirley
Publisher Gaia Books Ltd
Publish Date 01/03/1991
ISBN 1856750051
Binding Paperback
Edition New edition edition
Synopsis This updated edition describes the most widely used and easily available essential oils. It includes a step-by-step, full-body aromatherapy massage treatment, and offers an alternative to prescription medicine. There are four chapters. Chapter One, "The Nature of Aromatherapy", gives a detailed introduction to the production of essential oils and their chemistry, the pathways they follow and the effects they have. The chapter includes a chart listing the most commonly used oils and the ailments they treat. Chapter Two, "How to use Home Treatments", describes how to prepare oils into daily routines, including directions on dilution, blending and bathing, as well as a full body-massage treatment. Chapter Three, "Everyday Aromatherapy", places essential oils into daily routines, emphasizing diet and how oils can help people cope with stress by creating a relaxing atmosphere. Chapter Four, "The Ailments", looks at the most widely used and easily available essential oils, and describes the treatments for many common conditions, including: indigestion, high blood pressure, mental fatigue, children's problems, hair loss, insomnia, sexual problems, mentrual pain, headches, colds and flu, and acne. Shirley Price is the author of "Practical Aromatherapy".
Genre Health; Life Style