Channelled Art Welcome to the Home of Channelled Art. We hope you enjoy our website which has been created to display Art of the 3rd. kind!

The displayed 'Art' is unique. Whether we call it Spiritual, Psychic or Automatic Art is open to discussion - who knows?

What is known is that the Artist, Angela, has no idea what is going to be produced as she begins drawing.

Her hand moves (or is moved) across the paper and over a period of time the drawings appear automatically. She never knows what is about to be drawn or how long it will take to complete. Angela knows she is simply the conduit for the 'Channelled' drawings which are produced.

They may take anything from 1 hour to over 6 hours, over several days, when she eventually decides to stop working.

Please enjoy the site. We welcome your comments particularly if you, or someone you know, does something similar.

Visit Angela's Portfolio pages where limited edition copies of the Art are available for purchase at a nominal amount, half of which will be donated to charity.