company The "Drawings" shown on the Portfolio Pages of this Website have variously been described as Spiritual, Psychic, Channelled and even "Other Worldly" by those who have viewed them.

However, Angela believes that they are best described as being "Channelled Art". That is, she is simply being used as a channel by Spirit. She is aware or feels and knows that the drawings are done through her and not by her.

She experiences three quite separate energies which she feels are the different sources and they produce different types and qualities in their respective drawings. Quite why she has been chosen she has no idea.

Each drawing is made up in layers and can take between 1.5hrs and 6hrs to produce, sometimes over two or three days. She never really knows when each drawing is complete and sometimes sits to add more to a drawing she had previously thought finished.

As you will see, each drawing is unique and on closer examination can be seen to hold many individual "symbols" within the detailed and complicated work. Everyone perceives something different in the drawings, something individual to the viewer and this perception can change when reviewing the drawing at different times.

From the very early scribbles and the early stages of the drawings they have developed into something much more profound and to such an extent that Angela has now started (by request from friends) to produce individual drawings and Auragraphs for clients.

These have become most popular and insightful when accompanied by a "Reading" which Angela produces intuitively from her interpretation of the drawing. To date all of the Auragraphs, she has done for people, have met with approval, each one being said to be "Spot On".

How these remarkable drawings will develop, remains to be seen. One can only wait and see.

Due to the nature of these works and the combined energies that charge the original drawings during their creation, the full power of each piece simply cannot be conveyed fully in these images.

I've tried to give a suggestion of the energy in the titles but certainly the best way for you to choose a piece is to see what you see within the drawing, feel what you feel as you are drawn to the one that appeals to you.

The unique vibrational signature of the piece is reflected in the complex composition of the layers in its creation.

Personal Auragraphs together with Inspirational Readings are available for purchase, signed and dated by the artist, at a cost of 95 Euros including postage and package, or are available for download in pdf. format. at 75 Euros.

If you are interested in having a personal Auragraph & Reading Click Here.