company Angela has been married to her husband, David, for 45 years, she is a mother of three and grandmother of nine. Before retiring and moving to Spain she was in business, working in the Care Sector with children and adults.

She is a Qualified Welfare Officer, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Reiki Master/ Teacher, NLP Practitioner and Certified Life Coach.

She has particular interests in Learning Strategies in Education, Stress Management and Improvement in Personal Performance. She has a special interest in Medical Hypnosis and the Healing Techniques of Reiki and continues her personal development in those areas.

She is a self-taught artist and enjoys painting in oil, watercolour and acrylic. She freely admits to being able to paint but not draw. Her paintings are more ‘Impressionist’ than detailed. You can view some of her work by Clicking Here.

Until a few years ago Angela was a 'normal' wife, mother and grandmother. Then, one day, she sat, pen in hand, about to write her shopping list when her hand suddenly began shaking uncontrollably. She immediately thought she was experiencing some form of epileptic episode or having a stroke.

When her hand eventually came to rest, there was a stream of 'scribble' made up of 'tiny' vertical lines (all exactly the same size). Closer inspection revealed words, written vertically down the page. She tried to replicate the writing but found it impossible. You can view these early 'scribbles' by Clicking Here.

That was the beginning of her amazing journey into 'Spirituality'. For a few weeks the 'scribbles' continued then outline drawings began to replace the writings. The drawings have developed and continue to develop to such a degree that now Angela is able to produce 'Auragraphs' for people.

She and her family continue to be amazed by these, most unusual, 'Works of Art', which they know she could not produce under normal circumstances.

To the best of her knowledge and belief, she has coined the term - 'Clairgraphic' - to best describe what she does. As some people are Clairvoyant, Clairaudient or Clairsentient. Angela considers herself to be Clairgraphic.