company Auragraphs were made popular by the renowned Medium Harold Sharpe. Auragraphs was a term he coined, describing them as ‘artistic diagrams of the human aura’. Although his were more simplistic and very different from the unique and complicated works of art produced through Angela.

An Auragraph is a simple and beautiful way of giving a client a ‘Reading’. It is a drawing which symbolically depicts a life experience which Angela intuitively interprets for her client and which the client receives at the end of the Reading.

Angela makes the point that the interpretation is hers and the client usually sees other things, within the drawing, which are relevant to them.

To date all the Auragraphs, Angela has had the privilege to compile for clients, have been met with approval. Each one being said to be “Spot on”.

Auragraphs can be produced either on a face-to-face basis or at a distance by receiving a photograph, name and address or e-mail address of the client.

Personal Auragraphs together with inspirational Readings are available for purchase, signed and dated by the artist, at a cost of 95 Euros including postage and package, or are available for download in pdf. format. at 75 Euros.

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