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odorless ATL-95 resin powder Price
02-01-2018, 07:01 AM
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odorless ATL-95 resin powder Price
Poly-alpha-Methyl Styrene (or Alpha-Methyl Styrene Resin)
AMS resin is a low molecular weight, linear homopolymer of alpha-methyl styrene. As a modifier in resin system, AMS resin can offer easier processing, improved physical properties, light color and good color stability and can often reduce costs. In adhesive systems, AMS resin contributes reinforcement and toughness. The compatibility properties of AMS resin should be useful in many new types of polymer systems including polyesters, elastomers, modified vinyl and many others.
The greater aliphatic character of the polymer backbone increases the range of materials with which AMS resin is in compatible. The resin also offers greater flexibility and resistance to UV light than polystyrene. AMS resin should be considered for all additive and modifier applications of polystyrene type resins. The relatively low molecular weight of AMS resin, however, generally precludes its use as a primary molding resin except in specialty applications.
AMS resin is available in the range of soften points around 95℃--135℃. All these grades are noted for their very light color, good color stability and resistance to acid, alkali, water, grease and oxidation.
A few of the many applications of AMS resin are briefly described below to illustrate the different functions it serves.
1. Extruded and molded Vinyl
AMS resin is an effective, moderately priced process aid for polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and chlorinated PVC. AMS resin improves the plastic flow properties of these compounds while maintaining physical properties. Because of its slight incompatibility with vinyl, AMS resin acts as a lubricant and allows faster production rates. Compound stability is also increased, therefore, compound cost can be reduced.
2. Molded rubbers and thermoplastic elastomers
Compression and injection molded compounds based on many types of synthetic and natural rubber and thermoplastic elastomers (TPE) are improved by the addition of AMS resin. AMS resin is compatible with the styrenic domains of copolymers. By associating with these domains, AMS resin stiffens and reinforces the compounds at normal temperatures while increasing their flow when melting.
3. Extruded wire coating
Neoprene, butyl and thermoplastic elastomer wire coatings compounded with AMS resin show cost saving due to improved processing properties. AMS resin modification also allows filler levels to be increased for additional saving while maintaining physical and processing properties.
4. Ionic elastomers
AMS resin acts as a process aid and reinforcing modifier for ionic elastomers, decreasing melt viscosity and increasing tensile strength. Weather resistance of these compounds is also greatly increased.
5. Thermoplastic urethanes
AMS resin is an effective process aid, extender and reinforcing agent for many thermoplastic urethane compounds. Urethanes containing AMS resin have be found to achieve optimum properties throughout a wider range of molding temperatures. The reduced sensitivity to molding temperature allows a broader range of operating conditions.
6. Adhesives
AMS resin strengthens and reinforces hot-melt pressure sensitive adhesives based on thermoplastic elastomers and offers a more favorable cost to performance ratio than many other resins used as TPE reinforcements. Adhesives of this type can be used in self-stick floor tile, specialty tapes, labels and also in the filed where solvent-free coating provides economic or environmental advantages.
7. Coatings
When added in alkyds as a modifier, AMS resin forms a protective moisture barrier that has an excellent property of water and chemical resistance. These fast drying coatings are particularly useful as traffic paints, acid resistant coatings, concrete sealers and wood coatings.
The main indexes:
Appearance: White powder or chunk form
Soften point: 100℃±5℃, 110℃±5℃, 120℃±5℃, 130℃±5℃
Volatilized matter (125℃,3h): 0.5 max
Ash content: 0.001% max
Other indexes: (not including in the COA of each batch)
Molecular weight: 685--1000
Flashing point: 210±5℃
Specific gravity (16/16℃): 1.075
Viscosity (mm2/s) 250—300 (J-L)
a. It is packed by 25 kg net woven plastic bag lined with PE bag or 25 kg net kraft paper bag .
b. It should be stored in dry and ventilated room.odorless ATL-95 resin powder Price
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